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The Barktown Post is a publication of a psuedo tabloid of parodies with anthropomorphized canine characters. I will be posting three serialized themes, (A mystery Parody) 'Shursnout Shack and The Beast Of The Bassethounds, (A Period Drama) Dogton Manor, and (A Daytime style soap) On Doghouse Row.

The stories will be presented in a hybrid of styling, (Illustrated novel) (Comic Book) and Viginette Videos.

The stories will be epidsodic. Dogton Manor and On Doghouse Row will be on going while Sursnout Shack will be seasonal with a new story each season. Seasons will run for 13 episodes. 

This will be a free publication sponsored by My Books For Sale.

Barktown stands south of Howlfax on the east coast of the Dominion of Canadog. It is the only surviving community of ancient anthropomorphed canines brought over in the eighteen century by their once Empire Loyal's owners. Once freed from their masters they flourished and today do their best to avoid contact with their human neighbours but some cross linking does occur on ocassion.