The Chronicles Of Shimmering

 Welcome to the wonderful, mystical, magical world of the imagination shared through words, images and video quickies. Join me on a journey into the Mystical world of Shimmering where the things of dreams, nightmares and the imagination come to life. And It All Begins with a game. 

A Brief


 Tucked away at the end of long, winding and sometimes eerie forest road, too far along for most people to bother visiting, even on one of those infamous Sunday drives, is a small town called Secret River. It is a most remarkable town in that it was the home of Professor Ignatius De’ Mon, an engineer of sorts and an inventor of weird, odd and wonderful board games. He was also known for dabbling in that most ancient practice of wizardry and claimed to be an instructor at The Northern Lights Academy of Magic.

Our story begins when the professor announced he had invented a role playing game of grand proportions to be played by folks from young adults to senior citizens. The game was designed for four players and a game master called the Oracle. He named the game, The Chronicles Of Shimmering.

He said boisterously, "It is the most miraculous game ever invented. It will seem completely real."

With this in mind he invited his four closest friends, better described as familiar acquaintances and associates who were commonly called upon to test a game before it was sent to market, trademarked of course.

But when they were part way through the game and the Oracle whispered a secret word they vanished and were never seen again.

On A Moonless Night

20 Years Later

There was a lad in Secret River, the nephew in fact, of Professor Ignatius De' Mon, whose name was Malikai De' Mon.

He was an odd sort of fellow who longed to explore his uncle's old mansion but his father forbade him from doing so, even though 20 years had passed since the Professor and his companions vanish, literally into thin air.

But one night under a full bright moon, and the wind singing an eerie song Malikai could no long resist the call of the old mansion and the curiosity wraped around the mysterious disappearances of Professor Ignatius De' Mon and his gamster companions.

The moon was full and bright. Malikai stood looking toward the manor. There was debate left in him. Tonight was the night he would unravel the mystery of De' Mon Manor, no matter how frightening or treaturous it might be.

Malikai shook off the shiver running a race up and down his spine and after a few more nervous breaths took that first daring step.