Highly Qualified Scientist Search For Icy The Ice Lake Monster

A team of mythical monster hunters have come to the island after hearing reports of a huge albino viper/serpent.dinosaurus creature. Among these experts are Dr. Avid MacSuki, Dr. Julie Vernette and the most famous deep sea explorer, Dr. Jackie Koostoe.

There have been so many reports that we believe something of a miraculous nature is inhabiting the reedy and muddy depths of Ice Lake. "Said Dr. MacSuki. "We have also determined that it is a recently developed spieces, possibly a hybridic cross between a Cobra and the Himilayan Snow Snake and that it travelled from parts unknown through subterrainian passages to this island. We believe also that it has made its home under Ice Lake but it may travel some since there are so many lakes on the island many of which may be connected by underground channels." 

The Lost City

A Lost City So Ancient It wasn't Discovered Until An Island Rose Out Of The Ice As The Arctic Polar Ice Cap Melted Into The Sea.


Professor Mugatroyd Mc Shnur

Dr Of Archeology, Anthropology and Geology

Even the great scientists of the ages cannot agree on the age of the polar ice cap, the sea of ice. Their disagreement ranges between 700,000 to 4 million years, whiche lends to the thought that maybe they are all just guessing. Well I, Dr. Murgatroyed McShnur have discovered something that will definitely solve the mystery. 

It all began when I went looking for something totally unrelated to what what I actually found. I was in the far north, far from the remotest outpost of civilization where there shouldn't have been anything but ice. And I was alone in my one person submarine/bathtscaphe. I was looking for a Narwhal Whale graveyard.

Nothing could have prepared me for what I actually found and the adventure it took me on after. As you might think and I thought, very briefly that I was suffering from some weird verson of deep sea mirage or madness.

It was all as real as walking into a museum of ancient worlds only this one was a living thing, full of life and viltality, ancient and yet far in advance than any technology humanity has yet devised. I doubt I will ever come across anything that will excite me as I witnessed a world that must have syemmed back at least 700,000 years, before the ice seas created a secret world under the arctic.

Stay tunes for my further adventures in this mysterious island world nestled among the grandest of snow capped mountain peaks yet hidden from all but I. 

To Be Continued

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My name is Strebor D' Lanod, Publisher, Editor In Chief and Senior Correspondent of this Tabloid De' Torro Poo.

Because this crap is mostly unsubstantiated the stories within must be deignated fiction or hearsay or...anything but real news. However, you can absorb it what ever way you wish.

What ever you chose to believe just have fun with the read.


That is what scientists are calling an asteroid on a course for earth that is nealy a mile long with a diameter of a half mile traveling at 23000 miles an hour.

But that is only the big one. It has an enterage of hundreds of smaller asteroids ranging in size from a car to a mega - cruise ships spread out over and area of 300 miles. That means the storm would obliterate the surface of the earth in 24 hours.

Dr. Ruth Webernatall, a member of Sky Watch For Deadly Anomolies, says it is like the moon will be hit as well and that it is possible that if the force is great enough earth would be smashed to pieces, and certainly the moon would be destroyed.

"Mankind would not have the slightest hope of surviving unless we have managed to built habitats on Mars before the asteroids get here. The storm will not approach Mars.

"Mankind would not have the slightest hope of surviving unless we have managed to built habitats on Mars before the asteroids get here. The storm will not approach Mars.

In order to save humanity from extinction space habitats must be completed and out of harms way before the asteroid storm begin reaches earth.

According to reliable scientist sources the storm has just broken through the heliosphere.