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The Adventures


Rippen Corsair 

Last Of The Comet Rangers

Rippen Corsair was beginning to feel his age, just under a hundred. Most Hybrids lived well into their 120s, some, like the ancient blood line of the timber wolves lived until they reached the 150s.

He was feeling moody as he looked around the room where once, when he was in his twenties, there would be a couple of dozen Comet Rangers waiting to collect for the comets they had risked all to capture. Now there remain only one, himself. The others who still lingered at the Comet Ranger Hall were long since retired and spent their time drinking and reminicing. But not everyone.

"I am launching in three hours to head out to the Scattered disc. I need a crew. Who's up to it?"

"You going after the Ranger Killer?" someone demanded.

"I am going after a comet, a big one if I can net it. I need twelve net pod operators and a flight deck crew. You'll all get your fair cut. I already have a buyer."

Coming soon Rippen Corsair and The Ranger Killer Comet.


The human condition has remained unchanged since it first began gathering in communities, developing languages, cultures, social systems, and interactions. Emotions have never varied and the base wants, needs and necessities continue as they always have. The journey to enlightenment has been long and it just keeps getting longer with no completion apparent. The mad grasp for power and wealth is among the most sustained human traits and there seems no end in sight. So it must be asked, "Will we ever rise above our barbaric nature?"

From the cradle of civilization through the expansion across the earth, on to the terrestrial planets and soaring to the Jovian giants and beyond, the nature of the human being is unchanged. It has merely been added to with the birth of the Hybridians and sentient Androids.

The advancements of technology has but broadened our reach toward the great expanse of the solar system and out among the galactic stars, having groped through untold expansions and dark ages at last to the 88th century and, The Days Of Our Solar Lives.

The Ilixer Of Life. From The Rangers To The Tankers

Thought there are still reserves of water, with 40 Billion citizens crammed into the confines of the terrestrial planets water has become an considerable issue. The inner planets must augment the water supply by purchasing enormous draughts from the outer planets. These great tankers, as big as small moons traverse the cosmos bearing their precious manifest.

Long ago we bought our water from the daring Comet Rangers, few in numbers in these days. Now we receive the life maintaining ilixir from the orbiting distilleries supplied by the ice mines on the surface of Neptune. The Ilixir of Life is transported in tankers with payloads equivalent to the ancient, long dry lower great lake Erie of north america.

These tankers travel from Neptune to the storage colonies between Earth and Mars and from there water supplies are sold to the numerous stationary habitats scattered across the void of the inner planets.

The tankers are escorted across the solar system by squadrons of EMdrive fighters, protecting them against Pirates and Various other hazards caused by wars and corporate conflicts.

In the weeks to come we present here tales that ripple upon the solar wind derived from various ship's and crew logs, journals and diaries.