The pre-dawn light dispells the shadows of night from the still quiet streets. The aroma of kitchens preparing for breakfast wafts laziy on the gentle morning breeze. The sounds of people returning from a nights work and the day shift is rattling into life. And then the dawn comes as the bridge swings to let through the early rising sailors bound to destinations unknown or arriving to moor their vessels.

It began the night before with a storm that pelted the town with torrential rain and a show of blinding lightning and ear shattering thunder. When the sun rose behind large gray clouds sailing across the horizon the next morning the quiet was deafening and the view was hopeful. For all its violence the storm's wind had left bridgetown mostly in tact with the exception of a couple of timbered trees and a few dislodged boat tarps.

The Legend Of Grungy Dinn Part One

A Message From The Mayor

 Mayor Tandy Mines

It is with great pleasure that the council announces it has approved the contruction of a new source of employment that will be identified by name in the next few weeks and will guarantee new, year round jobs, reduced landfill, plastics, glass, paper and cardboard garbage. A second factory will be constructed over the next few years as well offering Bridgetown a new and stable economic base. 

We can no longer depend entirely on tourism. Those days, though not entirely gone have fallen by nearly 30 percent over the last three years.

And to add to the pot of economic growth and stability a new type of farming will be introduced which will bring year round vegetables for the community and for export.

The future of Bridgetown is looking bright indeed.


From dawn til dusk and dusk til dawn theses are the days of their lives, those wild on unpredictable citizens of Bridgetown, where some characters only sleep when the drama takes a rest or they just run out of lip flap. Expect anything from drama to comedy relief and every genre you can possibly conceive because Bridgetown exists on the threshold of...

Cast for Bridgetown Confidential

As The Bridge Swings

The Narrator

Bridge Master: Switch Van Angles (A Reliable Source)

Publisher Allaina Mac Clutcher

Editor: Rike Mirkens

Confidential Journalists

August Storm: Eyes On Bridgetown

Izzy Harris: Crime-ologist

Ms. Gabbygale: Observateur Confidentiel

Cast Of Citizen (Major)

Mayor: Tandy Mines

Mayor’s Secretary Lilly LuMont (A Reliable Source)

Marshall Bolt: Bridgetown Auto Sales and Repairs

Cliff C. Limber: CEO: Bridgetown Brewing Co.

Marina Waters: Owner of Crow’s Nest Hotel

Jeff Waters: Manager Bridgetown Marina.

Jerrad Montanglar: Montangler Fisheries

Police Inspector Brown

Police Constable Granger

Agent Colebury: Customs Officer.


A Cast of Hundreds: Recurring, Periodicals, Walk Throughs,

The Izzy Harris Crime-ologist Report

Who Slew Maribella Maelstrums:

It was a tragedy when the body of Bridgetown’s beloved Flower Growing Queen was found deceased amidst her award winning Rose gardens, but it soon became horrifying when a preliminary observation by the constable first at the scene realized her death was suspicious.

Then, with the arrival of the coroner it was discovered that Maribella Maelstrums had been murder.

“I seems by poison but I can’t be sure until I do an autopsy.” Said the towns coroner, Dr. Maddie Middlesward.

Stay Tuned for a full report when I, Izzy Harris, have all the pertinent information and facts. 

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