Into The Future

What Are Visions but Dreams Extraordinaire

Slipstreaming Into The Future. A Quarterly Reading Experience

Sky Watch

Intercolonial Asteroid Detection Agency


I have been ordered not to reveal this demon of the stars, but I must raise the alarm even if it means I will suffer the consequences.


I have named the asteroid Doomstone for it is on a direct course toward our soloar system. Currently it is travelling at 21700 miles per hour and I estimate its arrival in our solar system in two years. Stand by for weekly reports. Sky Watch

Intersolar Freestanding 3D Printed Space Habitats

Intersolar Construction Corporation is developing 3D space habitats that will be ready for occupation by A.C. 1526. The first clustre of twelve multi-unit habitats will be located half way between the earth and the moon. The cluster will include a Casino Resort, Commercial Habitat and ten units with condominium style living spaces. Each unit will have an independent solar power unit and an enviro-forest- air production dome.

Each unit will also have its own water supply container serviced by the Neptune Water Distillary Corporation. The distillary is located in orbit of Neptune and with the new Transit Gates the water delivery tankers can travrese the distance between Neptune and Earth local in just 72 hours as compared to three months at normal space velocities.

Each living space habitat will house 112 condominium units. Each unit will have its own 3d food and supplies printer.

The day of affordable 3D manufacturing has dawned.

The First Test Flight Of

The Intersaolar Transport  Gate

The Intersolar Propulsion Institution has announced that the new Transport Gate is ready for testing an occupied flight cabin to transport a ship from Earth To neptune.

Once just a science fiction imaginary technology the Intersolar Transport Gate is now ready to send the first occupied vessel from Earth to Neptune. 

It has taken scientists and technitians sixty years to turn science fiction into science fact. Now after many set backs and finally a dozen unoccupied successful transports the IPI is ready to send a person through the gate. Captain Lars Wolf, a homo-canine hybridian who has volunteered to risk his life to advance intersolar transportation.

The Gate is capable of transporting an object across the solar system, Earth To Neptune in two hours.

"This is an artificial wormhole with two gates a sender and receiver. There is a sender and receiver at both ports of call.

Test launch for the test ship is set for two days from now,Midnight May 8, A.C.-1591 earth time.


Humans of the future may one day be elevated to a state of being called Homo Superior. This will occurr, not because they have become enlightened or achieve greater powers of the kenetic kind, but because they will have found/created/discover ways and means to extend their life span. It is not inconceivable that in the not so distant future humans will live to be in the 120s or even longer. It is possible that through chemical intervension they will stall aging indefinitely, essential living forever barring accident or willful killing, which is inevitable within humanity.

Technology will also be a factor in the elevation of humanity to homo superior.


But there are consequences, sevre in nature, especially if humans ever perfect the technology of cloning. The population is going to explode and expand exponentially and earth will not be able to accomodate the numbers, within a hundred years that will likely reach well into the later half of hundreds of billions even into the trillions. All the inner planets would not suffice. The solar system will be clutered, at least the terrestrial solar system, with free space floating colonies and over crowded lunar and martian colonies. Within the confines of the asteroid belt it will be like a crowded city at rush our, 24/7 earth calculations.

The skyways between space habitats will be cluttered with fast moving vehicles, Personal Spave vehicles capable of 50,000 miles an hour...or more. Again imagine a city of millions.

It is most like that this expansion will, within a century or two, extent out past the asteroid belt into the Jovian spaces all the way to the Scattered Disc.

Inevitably there will be wars, first, second, third, fourth, solar wars. It is the way of humanity. 

The future can only be a bright anticipation if humanity learns to control itself. 

0 to 50,000 MPH in 12 seconds. Inertia-damper included in basic package.

The Great Tall Ships Of A Distant Future

In A distant future, beyond the great calamity the world changed in many ways yet in the base condition of Humanity and Hybridians things remained the same and even default to the more crude histories of Feudal Rule. And we sail upon the solar wind in great tall-ships of a future slipstream past.

The Legend Of RaBark's Gold


My father, who was not a particularly mean man was also not a particularly amiable creature. He had mixed feelings about me for the simple fact that I was alive and my mother wasn’t. He never told me out rightly that he blamed me but he never managed to find a father’s love for me either. He cared for me out of duty, providing the bare minimum of necessities of life and growing up but did little to guide me. My education came from Mrs. Garnier, a widow who worked as a barmaid in father’s tavern. So by the age of thirteen I could read and write and knew my numbers but mostly I had a good concept of computers with a high aptitude of advancing further into the field had the events of life not carried me off to the world of adventure, across the Solar scape from the sun to the heliosphere. 

But it all began when a gang of pirates raided Neptune Orbital Habitat Fortune.  

 NOH Fortune was an off planet water refinery with a population of three thousand refinery workers, merchants, and various artisans. I think there would not have been any fatalities if the Habitat Guard had just allowed the pirates to take the water they required from the refining tanks. But such was not the case and as a result of the skirmish nearly twenty citizens were killed and almost the entire guard, the latter mostly in vengeance for being first to shoot and kill a member of the gang. My name is Fangris Grey, a homo-canine hybrid of the wolf clans. Mostly I just get called Fang, which I like more than Fangris. The day the pirates raided Fortune was the day my life slipped out of its mundane routine into the ways of swashbuckling adventure. It was the day, in the midst of the battle for Fortune I stowed away aboard the Python’s Revenge with its rampaging twin vipers and crossed laser pistols against a star-studded black banner commanded by the infamous pirate captain, homo-reptilian, Chant Python. It was a dangerous thing to do just in the fact that it was a pirate ship, but even more so since most of the crew were reptilians and the entire system knew that reps were not particular about what meat they served at the dinner table. It was rumoured they hunted the rare creatures most called Vagabonds, supposedly the remnants of a race called human. I knew this but my heart had longed for the wide open space of the stars and adventure upon the Solar Main. Father often chastised me when I spoke of my dreams but I think it was out of some deep longing he held but had missed his chance when he was a young man…maybe even just a boy like me.


I quickly gathered a grip full of things I would need, ready for that moment when I escaped to advance my exploration of the world and keep my presence aboard the pirate ship a secret,. It was a confusion between fortunate and unfortunate that things did not work out quite the way my imagination had rallied the future. I was tucked away in the hold of the great Solar Sail Galleon when the battle for Fortune concluded and the pirates set sail for distant worlds with their water tanks full and a small fortune in precious metals, jewels provisions and supplies. I heard Captain Chant, as his men called him, say, “What fools they were. We came to them in peace to buy our needs but they decided on war and look what’s happened. We exchanged peace for violence and unneeded death…and they call us brigands and pirates.” He concluded with a chant in the fashion of the Reps, which my canine ears could hear well enough but not understand. Then in a second part of his speech from the Quarter Deck he advanced, “Now my friends and fellow Pirates, we set our sails for the deeps of the Scattered Disc to find RaBark’s Gold laid in secret upon the skin of RaBark’s Comet where that old and ancient buccaneer crashed his ship Moon Howler.” Every kid, pup and tadpole across the solar system had heard the stories about Captain RaBark, the Homo-Coydog hybrid who had terrorized the Terrestrial Planets for a decade and fled to the far reaches of the new colonies of the Jovian worlds perused by the Solarian Guardship Man O War. Both were lost in the scattered disc, nearly three centuries ago when the Jovians were first being colonized. I panicked. It had not even remotely occurred to me that the pirate ship was bound for the remote regions of the Scattered Disc. I had only prepared for a week of hiding in the depths of the ship and would starve to death long before we even entered the disc. “We’ll be months abroad and…well, I’ll be better off as a slave than a stowaway.” I muttered, and while the Captain and crew were still in fair mood I climbed from to the open deck and presented my person. I said in a wild and loud voice. “If you choose not to have my person for a meal I will most gladly serve you as a slave.” Of course my offer was directed at Captain Chant.” Silence prevailed for a long minute as every eye aboard turned on me. Then in a laugh that was mostly hissing Captain Chant responded. “You cannot deny this Homo-canine pup’s bravery unless it is more like stupidity, but he has chosen a good time to stowaway and a good time to reveal himself for I have no servant for my cabin. “What be your name wolf cub?”


I swallowed deeply then found my voice. “Thank you My Lord Captain “I am called Fangris Grey, but I answer best to Fang.” “Well Fang. Serve me well and you will live to see many a day. Serve me poorly or take some clandestine thought and I will gnaw your wolfy bones to dust.” I bowed and upon command retired to the Captains lounge and the tiny room where I would sleep, ushered hence by a Homo-amphibian named Toad, with whom I garnered a friendship that lasted the remainder of our lives. For some reason Toad came to regard me as something higher than itself, though I never took advantage of that station. I will not described the long weeks we spent seeking RaBark’s Comet and the lost treasure, yet there is something to be said about it. Mostly, I learned that the solar system’s view of the Homo-Reptilians is somewhat mythologized. Maybe once they were omnivores but as I saw, mostly they dined on a variety of insects. Chant once said to my query on the subject, “I tried human meat once. Actually eating Homo-anything, hybrids gives me terrible indigestion as it does to most Reps or any other hybrid. I believe when Hom created us he impressed it into our DNA to reject homo-cannibalism, though in a pinch it is vomitously edible.” I was further impressed that under the right leadership all hybrids could get along to some degree of non-combativeness, though they should never consume alcoholic beverages to extreme while occupying the same area. I was surprised that in the early weeks we came across so many vessels sailing the Scattered Disc. Most were Vagabond ships crewed by humans. I never knew there were so many. Most folks across the solar system thought they had all but died out just after the dark age. Mostly Captain Chant avoided them though on occasion we were attacked, to the folly of the aggressor. Captain Chant was an amazing strategist and made short work of the attackers. He also used good sense, not to destroy their ship until it was completely ransacked for anything usable. Then he ordered it sundered with all hands aboard except those who joined our ranks. This situation occurred twice and we took on only five new crewmen, all Reps. Captain Chant came to trust me enough to remove the electrobinds that restricted the use of my arms and legs. His choice of voice commands became more requestful and he often allowed me to spend time with the other Homo-Canine’s among the crew. They were much older than myself and high ranking but they took me in and treated me like a wolf cub, except one, a Homo-Coydog. Rashnock was his name and a wretched creature he turned out to be when we finally found RaBark’s Comet. I think Coydogs are the least like creature among all the homo-hybrids and I learned for a fact they hunted humans and hybrids, sometimes just for sport.


We were three months, one week and four days upon the solar winds when, as we came out of an asteroid cluster we were met by a storm of such proportions that we were nearly sundered to the depths of space. It might have ended that way but for the bravery and skill of the Revenge’s crew and, as Captain Chant addressed the situation, “a good deal of help from Hom and his Interns.” We survived but had to set to in order to repair the solar sails which are not protected by the shield that encompasses the body of the ship. Shielding of any kind would render them useless. My part in the storm affair was minimal I think. I was stationed to assist the helmsman, both grappling the steering wheel with all our strength to keep the ship from being vaulted stern over stem into oblivion. We made an excellent team and Rodak, an emerald coloured Homo-Rep request that I be taken on as his apprentice a plea Captain Chant agreed in part to, “As long as he make sure I get my meals served. Later I convinced the captain to take Toad on as his cabin boy and applied myself to my new lot. In years beyond I discovered Rodak had been a wheelman and mentor of incredible skill, not to mention a devote friend. It was ten days after the storm that we set sail again and another four when we came upon the debris of a ship wreck. Even I recognized it as a very old, even ancient remnants of a Solar Sailor. It was fitted with solid fuel maneuvering thrusters which had not been used in 300 years. The very next day we sighted RaBark’s Comet and were astonished at its size, which Rodak described as a miniature transient moon with a fairy’s tail. The comet was travelling at twenty two thousand mikes per hour. The Captain order two sails drawn in and our speed reduced to run along side the comet. Then he ordered the tech crew to start scanning for remnants of a ship and signs of none comet indigenous anomalies, an order that took weeks to complete. It was in about the third week of the scanning operation that I came upon Rashnock and four other lower rank crewers. They were not at that moment discussing mutiny…exactly, but they were talking about their shares of RaBark’s gold and hinted at acquiring much more than what would be their coded share. Even as a boy I understood the undertones of the conversation and took my concerns to Rodak. “Its good you came to me boy and not the captain. We can not be accusing crew of mutiny when nothing of the sort is evident, but we can keep a keen eye and clear ear open for rumours of such.” Said the helmsman, which turned out to be good advice for the moment and a wise decision for the future for, when things did go a-struck, we were ready.


At last we found a small bit of debris, the shell of a solid fuel breaking thruster and a portion of a ships canopy and bridge such as was common in the old solar wind vessels. As soon as the sighting was confirmed Captain Chant ordered two land skiffs prepared for launch with enough supplies to last a week and equipment to do a surface search for the gold, a shipment meant for the fabled and ill-fated Neptune colony Alpha Habitat, which was supposed to have begun the construction of the first water refinery three hundred years ago. It and the habitat and the supply ship were said to have met disaster when RaBark attacked and pillaged every useful thing that could be hauled away, including the gold, the preferred denomination of currency at the time, minted in various weights of nuggets. One nugget in my time was worth a life time of common wages. There was said to be a hundred thousand nuggets lost. There was in fact much more. Each landing skiff could bare six passengers besides the pilot. It took some doing but I managed to convince Captain Chant to allow me to join the landing crew. Rodak piloted the skiff carrying Chant and myself. I am sure Rodak came along for the same reason I did when we learned Rashnock and one of his henchmen were on the other lander. In jest Captain Chant said, “It sure would have been nice if RaBark had left behind a map with an X marking the location of the treasure.” In half seriousness I enquired, “Do you think he could have buried it in the comets ice?” Chant considered my query then replied, “Very possible. It would have at the time been well hidden since the scanner of his era were not all that accurate, but if the Moon Howler crashed and all aboard were killed it may simply lay within some debris.” “Then it is well we brought excavating lasers with us Captain.” Rodak announced. To my surprise it turned out that landing a skiff on a comet, even one travelling at 22000 miles an hour was not all that difficult, at least no more so than two ships connected in space. So we landed but a dozen yards from the debris and upon emerging in our envirosuits and stepping on to the ice surface of the comet we discovered something amazing, if one can call corpses amazing. “By gunny.” Shouted the Captain. “They are perfectly preserved and if my guess is near we may have even found RaBark himself. Look at the ornaments this one bears. They strongly resemble images of the old scoundrel himself.” I found iron in the fact that one pirate should call another a scoundrel. We were examining the debris for other paraphernalia when I spied Rashnock and his sidekick spreading out from the group in a drifting search pattern. I brought this to Rodak’s attention and he suggested they were looking for foot prints or drag marks. The captain noticed as well and I heard him chuckle. He said, “Don’t hold your breath boys. You won’t find anything.” I looked around the bodies and saw no sign of foot marks.


The Captain ordered the techs to activate their scanning devices and start looking for our, “Buried treasure,” he put it. Several times I stood watching the Python’s Revenge, cruising along with the comet. It looked small from that distance but almost homey and my stomach churned a little imagining what would happen if the ship was wrecked, or hijacked are just not there for us to return to. I let the thought play on my mind for only a minute then fixed my concern back on the Coydog and his partner. I shut down my broadspan broadcast and singled out Rodak. “Is it time to advise the captain?’ “I did, just seconds ago kid. I was just about to tell you. Another skiff lander launched from the revenge and is coming this way. I suspect it will be Rashnock’s crew and I’ll bet there are more than four. And look, there’s another.” Just then Rashnock and his henchman moved around so that they had the rest of the crew in a crossfire. They couldn’t get us all but most of us would have been dead in a fight. It was wise that we waited for a more appropriate situation. Rashnock told us to stay put and no one would get hurt. I saw in my mind what was going to happen. Everyone who wasn’t with Rashnock was going to be marooned on the comet while those who joined with the coydog would steel away with the treasure. I was a little surprised that Rashnock acted before the treasure was found , but then, after the other two skiffs landed he announce that the treasure had been found. We did not know how he knew this until we found two techs murdered and standing over a hole in the ice about four feet deep. There was a container of nuggets sitting off to one side. I did something then that could have proved to be the most stupid thing I had, or ever would have done in my life. Slowly I drifted away until I was concealed by a block of ice, twice my height and about six feet wide at the base. Then I drew out my laser pistol figuring to fight rather than to bow. If we bowed we’d die on that comet, no matter how many supplies we were left with. We could die in the fight but then we might not. We could over power Rashnock and his subordinates and everything else would right itself. I planned to shoot the Coydog, but not without reservation. As it turned out I didn’t…actually, I couldn’t but I did cause such a stir that things went awry for the mutineers. But that came after. First the treasure was dug up and loaded aboard three of the skiffs. Rashnock and two of his conspirators lifted off. We knew they would return because not all the treasure would fit on the three skiffs. At least that is what we thought. Captain Chant laughed after an hour had gone by and Rashnock had not returned. His henchmen who were left behind were cursing the Coydog to several indecencies in hell. The Captain produced a set of crystal keys and sad amusedly. “Don’t worry. The Revenge isn’t going anywhere without these. They can’t raise the sails or even activate the Emdrive thrusters.” I saw the other henchmen relax and spied a certain vengeful resolve in their eyes. Rashnock had cooked his own goose.


Another rift in the scape of ironies touched me as I thought about the skullduggery among bandits which by any other name is still a bandit. My fears and humors of being on a comet soaring through the Scattered disc at twenty two thousand miles an hours watching a pirate captain and his loyal crew in desperate conflict with mutinous pirates over a third party ancient pirate’s gold made me laugh out loud drawing the attention of everyone to the ice rock behind which I still stood, but their attention was drawn away from me when one of the landing skiffs emerged from the hull of the Revenge, blinked through the shielding, and began its approach. Suddenly laser pellets strafed the surface of the comet killing the other mutineers and two of Captain Chant’s men. A second burst narrowly missed the others, an obvious miss but an equally obvious warning. Everyone moved away from the treasure. I moved around the ice rock so that I was out of sight, not sure what I was going to do with my advantage. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do until I did it, but when I did, it could be said that I saved the day, because when Rashnock emerged from the lander with a laser pistol leveled I fired my pistol and seared his hand away from the wrist. By the time his henchmen came out trying to blast us out of existence the captain, Rodak and three other loyals had drawn their weapons and dropped the remaining mutineers where they stood. When I shot Rashnock he had dropped to his knees clutching at his mutilated wrist and cursing violently. I thought Captain Chant was going to finish the job but instead he resolved to leave the coydog to the fate he had intended for us. We marooned him on that comet with a shelter and several months of food and supplies. Captain Chant promised to tell someone he was out here on a comet. Years later I learned that Chant had kept his word. We returned to the Revenge with the remainder of the treasure and set sail Neptune. At first I had little desire to backstep and rejoin my father but to my great surprise, when he laid eyes on me they shown with joy and he told me in his own gruff manner that he was afraid he would never see me again. I told him all about my adventure with Rodak and Toad to verify it and how Captain Chant had treated me very well. Though I went off with my friends to have more adventures, returning as I could for visits I learned that Father gave sanctuary to the crew and Captain of the Revenge when ever they required rest. With our share of the treasure Rodak, Toad and I purchased a Galleon and set off across the solar system in search of adventure, and we found our fair share aboard the Gypsy Wind with its motely crew…but those are stories for another time and place.

Dreamsea Chronicles (Slipstream Into The Future)

These stories may be fiction, or they may be visions of the future or alternate realities of what awaits us.  

It is a time set beyond a  dark age in the wake of The Great Calamity that left the Solar System of 2420 in a state of chaos leaving civilization wallowing in shadows of hoplessness.

In the sacred Tome Of Sol it is told that the Calamity was as sudden as a thought and the Dark Age grew to seven generations.

But those who were strong, Human and Homo Hybridians rose out of the ashes of the dark time and survived and built a new world. But if there was change in the condition of society it was slight and yet developing.  

The Visionary

The Great Calamity And The Dark Times

It is called The Great Calamity, that time before The Dark Time, when all thinking kind was plowed into a world separated by lost technology. That technology was rediscovered and just a few short years The Dark Time subsided. Countless colonies, adrift in space, on planets and moons from the sun to the scattered disc found each other. For a time, called the Great Honeymoon, the colonies welcomed each other and there was talk of a United Solar Agreement. But it never happened. The Terrestrials and The Jovians found themselves at odds over rights to the water refineries of Neptune, the Mining Colonies of The Asteroid Belt and the rift of ancient hatreds that surfaced once again between Humans and The Hybridian Order. 

In one version of reality Petty Monarchies, Collectives, Corporations, Empires spread like wild fire across the solar system and by the mid second century of the new era After The Dark Time (ADT) the solar system was riddled with wars, crime and corruption. The human condition and mentality it seemed, even among the Hybridians had changed little. What wisdom had been gained in the latter years of the old era had been lost. Despite this downward trend however, there was an element that grew out of the chaos, The Order of The Cavalier Knights. Some called them pirates and buccaneers. History will remember them as the Element of The Great Uniting. But the darkness creeps into the intelligence of all thinking  creatures and never fades completely.

But there are countless dimensions of Dreamsea and infinite stories waiting to be told.